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Sellers typically pay a 3% commission to a Real Estate Agent to list their home for sale on the MLS, and another 3% to the Buyer’s Agent. With today’s technology it ususally takes less than an hour to prepare the listing contract, sign it, and then list the property on the MLS. Almost all of the additional time spent on the listing process is directly related to building a relationship. We believe that the traditional practice of charging 3% to list on the MLS no longer makes sense for most Sellers.

Sell your home with us and saveĀ  $10,000 (or more) on an average $500,000 Collin County Texas home.

Buying a home takes a lot of time…

  • previewing homes and become acquainted with current market offerings
  • preparing and presenting offers
  • negotiating offers
  • inspecting the property
  • dealing with other issues that often come up.

We offer a program for Buyers who want to save up to 2% of the Purchase Price because they value their time… and ours. Is that you?

We offer Flat Fee MLS Listings and 1% Commission Programs

We use our experience selling over 2,200 homes to help you get the best deal possible, whether you’re buying or selling a home.

Note: All listing options include a 3% Commission for the Buyer’s Agent

FSBO FLAT FEE (Most Popular)
Pay $0 when listed
plus $699 at closing
Listing is exclusive for 6 months

FSBO on MLS Option Includes:

  • Unlimited consultation and advice from an experienced, mature professional Realtor
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Contract reviews and negotiation assistance for all offers
  • Photos (16) – provided by Seller
  • Seller provides all listing details via online submission process.
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Pay $499 when listed
plus $999 at closing
Cancel at any time

Full Service Flat Fee includes:

  • FSBO services plus
  • Home Staging Advice
  • Metal framed yard sign
  • RealtorĀ® Supra Lock Box
  • Appointment Scheduling Service
  • 15 Professional Photos of Home
  • 1 Aerial Photo of Home
  • Video using still photos
  • Home website
  • One (1) Public Open House within 1st 30 days
  • An Agent will come to home to measure rooms.

Pay only 1% at closing
Listing is exclusive for 6 months

Full Service includes:

  • FSBO and Full Service Flat Fee options plus
  • Advanced Home Virtual Tour Package
  • 10 Aerial Photos

We work exclusively for you as our Client.

We charge an up-front retainer fee of $1,000 which is applied to the 1% commission charged at closing. Most properties are listed with a 3% commission for the Buyer’s Agent.

The $1,000 up front retainer fee covers up to 10 hours of time which typically includes enough time to show between 6 and 10 properties and submitting and negotiating one or two offers. If the first offer is not accepted and the time spent is less than 10 hours we will be glad to prepare additional offers on backup properties.

It is not uncommon for Buyers to need more than the initial 10 hours of time. We are glad to spend additional time, however, we charge $100 per hour above and beyond the initial 10 hours. The additional time charge is added to the 1% fee we charge at closing. Additional time is charged to the card on file whenever 10 hours has accumulated or 10 days transpires, whichever comes first. If a contract is presented and accepted any outstanding additional time charges will be paid at closing.

You pay $1,000 then we show you properties. You select a home and we prepare a contract. Our total time comes to 15 hours. The property price is $700,000.  Our Commission is 1% ($7,000) plus $500 (5 extra hours @ $100) = $7,500. The typical 3% commission would have been $21,000.

You save $13,500 which can be applied to your closing costs.

Note: We specialize in Collin County properties. Buyer’s wanting to purchase properties outside of Collin County should expect the process to take more than 10 hours due to extra travel time involved.

Optional Services:

Note: Optional Services must be paid for when purchased.