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For Sale By Owner (FSBO) on the MLS listing includes:

  • Unlimited consultation and advice from an experienced, mature professional Realtor
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Contract reviews and negotiation assistance for all offers
  • Photos (16) – provided by Seller
  • FSBO on MLS Listing Yard Sign (with wire H-frame)
  • Seller provides all listing details via online submission process.

Step 1:You – Complete the Online Property Listing process. We have a series of nine (9) forms that we need you to complete so we have all the information needed to prepare a CMA and to list your property on the MLS

Step 2: We – send You competitive market analysis information then we have a conversation about pricing.

Step 3: We – Prepare and send You a Property Listing Agreement.

Step 4: You – Sign and return the Property Listing Agreement. The Property Listing Agreement along with the Information About Brokerage Services and the Texas Consumer Protection Notifice will need to be signed to acknowledge receipt. Additionally as the Seller you will need to complete a Sellers Disclosure Notice form which will provide a detailed description of the property along with any known defects or issues which will need to be disclosed to the Buyer.

Step 5: We – Place Your listing on the MLS within one Business Day after the close of business of the day on which the last required listing addendum forms are submitted and verified. If any of the required forms are not fully completed or signed we will not be able to proceed with the listing.

After the property has been sold there will be a charge of $699 added to the Closing Statement which will cover the fee for our services. The charge of $699 is not negotiable and is not based on the amount of actual services provided, nor is it based on the source of the Buyer. The fee will be due and payable whether the Buyer comes to you through another Agent or comes to you directly.

Note: You also agree to pay a commission of 3% to the Buyers Agent if the Buyer has an Agent.

Note: The following services are specifically not included and must be provided by you, the Seller of the Property:

  • Home Staging Advice – No home staging advice is provided with this service.
  • Metal frame for yard sign – You are responsible for acquiring a metal framed yard sign if you so wish.
  • Realtor® Supra Lock Box – You are responsible for obtaining a combination style lock box and placing it on your door. You will provide the lock box code to us. (Note: A Lock Box is REQUIRED)
  • Appointment Scheduling Service – You will be responsible for handling all appointment calls by both Agents and other individuals wanting to see your home. (REQUIRED)
  • Video (1 min.) of Home – No video recording, production, or editing service is provided. We do not offer the placement of a Video on the MLS as part of this service.
  • Social Media Marketing of Home – No Social Media Marketing is provided with this service.

Completing the form to the right to start your FSBO on the MLS Listing Service is your acknowledgment of the above conditions.

NOTE: Please use a laptop or desktop and either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to complete these forms.