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How to Increase the Sale Price of your Home

Increasing the sale price of your home is a simple matter of increasing the value in the mind of the buyer. This video will explain a series of simple, inexpensive, and effective things you can do which will have an immediate and powerful positive impact on how many offers you get for your home, along with increasing the price you are able to sell for.

How to Increase the Sale Price, Curb Appeal and Showing Appeal of your Home

Having sold well over 2,200 homes I want to share some simple tips that will help you get the maximum price for your home and increase the probability of getting multiple offers.


  1. Fertilize Lawn – 2 months in advance
  2. Trim Plants – bushes and trees
  3. Mow and Edge Lawn – weekly
  4. Replace dead plants / grass
  5. Paint Exterior – if appropriate
  6. Repair Fences/Walls – if needed


  1. Looks Good
    1. Bathrooms
    2. Carpets & Rugs
    3. Windows
    4. Garage
  2. Smells Good
    1. Clean House…
    2. PineSol Floors / Pledge Woodwork
    3. Paint a wall / keep fresh paint on walls
    4. Fresh Sugar Cookie spritz
    5. Remove Pets / odors – during showing weekends / open houses
  3. Easy to Imagine Living In
    1. Remove excess furniture
    2. Remove excess family photos
    3. Empty Closets
    4. Empty Garage